My new novel


Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.40.34 pm

This is a sketch done by Solomon Karmel-Shann, who is working on the cover for the book. 

I’ve written a novel, set in a school, and readers who’ve read a pre-publication copy seem to have enjoyed it (see below for a selection of comments). It’s called The Worlds of Harriet Henderson.

If you’d like to hear more about it, and find a way to get a free copy, please send me an email

Here are some comments from readers:

“I can’t imagine having anything to read that would be more life-affirming or more in tune with the values that inform our work as educators.”
(Dr John Yandell, UCL Institute of Education, London, author & journal editor)

“A novel that will appeal to English teachers because of the sophistication of the shifts in point of view and the beauty of the prose. A wonderful book.”
Emeritus Professor Brenton Doecke, Chair in Education, Deakin University

“A beautifully written and sensitive novel that should be shared with every teacher, student, parent and principal you know.”
Bec Palethorpe (ACT teacher)

“This is a marvellous book which I found hard to put down. The book is full of twists and turns as the young characters pursue the creative paths that give them life. A must read!”
Dr. Mary Macken-Horarik, Senior Research Fellow, Australian Catholic University

“A story about a teacher, two students and a grandfather looking for the places where the openness can live, at least a little while, in an adult world of closures. A must for English teachers as they consider their commitments in these difficult teaching times.”
Dr Kim McCollum-Clark, Assoc Professor of English/English Education, Millersville University

“It’s a story that has all sorts of stories inside it. It’s a book in which worlds overlap, collide and intersect, and where truth is complex. Yet the book is full of hope. A great read.”
Dr Margaret Byrne, author, film maker & principal of UGM Consulting

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