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1987         School Portrait, McPhee/Gribble, Penguin

‘Steve Shann’s account of life in a special kind of Australian classroom is rare and engrossing. Four children with very different needs and abilities are followed through their experience of school and then through an extraordinary simulation, a medieval village in the classroom. Here can be seen the children’s sometimes devastating struggles with learning, as well as their triumphs and breakthroughs. Here are Steve Shann’s own doubts and failures as a teacher and his reflections on the way he tries to work with the class.’ [from the book’s blurb]

1992         Their Other Lives: student perspectives on their schools, learning and aspirations, Australian Association for the Teachers of English (AATE), Research Series, No 6 1992

The story of a research project where college students, their parents and teachers, were interviewed in order to document their thoughts about the school lives and the lives they led outside the classroom, lives which often involved unseen pressures and challenges.

2014    Imagined Worlds and Classroom Realities: Mythopoetic Provocations for Teachers and Teacher Educators, Sense Publishers.

Nine fictional stories, set in secondary and university staffrooms and classrooms, exploring the complex lived lives of teachers and students. There is also a section on storytelling as an act of scholarship, and a final section of ideas about how teacher educators might use each of the nine stories.



(Abstracts or short descriptions of some of these articles can be viewed at this link.)

1988         ‘The adolescent experience: a Jungian perspective’  Enantiodromia,  Journal of Analytical Psychology,  1:3, 47-71

 1995         ‘The juice of fantasy: the imaginative life of the struggling child’  Temenos, Australian Jungian and Cultural Review, Issue 2, Spring

2000         ‘Some thoughts on the nature of learning in the Social Ecology tradition’  A Social Ecology Journal Volume 2

2010         ‘Agitations and Animations’ English in Australia 45:3

2011        Mythopoetics in the English classroom’ (co-authored with Dr Rachel Cunneen)  English in Australia  46:2

2013        ‘Both alike in dignity’  co-authored with English in Australia  48:2 co-authored with CeCe Edwards, Libby Pittard & Hannah Germantse, English in Australia  48:2

2014         ‘Community and conversation: tackling beginning teacher doubt and disillusion’, co-authored with Hannah Germantse, Libby Pittard and Rachel Cunneen, Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 42:1

2014        Sally and the Universarium‘ Changing English: Studies in culture and education, 21:1

2014        A love towards a thing eternal: Spinoza and the classroom’ co-authored with  Michele Bauer, Rachel Cunneen, Jaki Troy and Courtney van Blerk  Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education DOI: 10.1080/1359866X.2014.934196

2014        ‘A mythopoetic methodology: Storytelling as an act of scholarship’  Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education DOI:10.1080/1359866X.2014.932334


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  1. Steve, Meredith Box here (Kota Ichihara’s mother). I love your website!! I will keep following it.
    A very small point, but could you please fix the inconsistency in BwO and BoW for “body without organs.” I look forward to seeing your future projects.

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